Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Kolpa Valley – Slovenia


In 2010 the valley of the River Kolpa was accepted into this European society of excellence. Its features, stories and people link together a full six municipalities.

On March 22, 2013,  Slovenia Post issued one stamp set dedicated to the Slovenia tourism. The stamp depicted the  Kolpa valley as one place of European Destination of Excellence.


The area of the valley covers 113 kilometres in the
far south-east of Slovenia. The exceptionally clean River Kolpa meanders and pours down countless little cascades from Osilnica to Metlika.

The river is ideal for a variety of boating, including extreme forms, and in summer it has the distinction of being the warmest Slovenian river for bathing.

There are numerous cycle and footpaths along the river, allowing visitors to directly experience un-spoilt nature and the fauna and flora of the riparian world.

The Kolpa Valley offers a variety of experiences, and in the evening, to the sound of  the river and the noises of un-spoilt nature. (Source:Janez Bogataj, PhD)

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