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On April 08, 2013, Croatian Post issued one stamp set features dog as part Pets in the Children’s world. The issuance consist of four stamps depict  dog species like: Bichon Frise, Yorkshire Terrier, German Shepherd, and Golden Retriever.
Bichon Frisé

Bichon Frise  is a small dog, 23-30 cm tall, but strong, with deep thorax, weighting 3-6 kg. It is white, attractively looking, and lives about 14 years.

It is a cute puppy, very likable and sociable. Extremely adaptable, cheerful and animated, bichon has gained many admirers .
It has a beautiful head (with opulent hair and of pronounced round shape) postured high, short snout, black nose and round eyes of colour equally dark as the skin around them. The ears are covered in thick hair and are lowered alongside head and snout.

Bichon Frise is  an excellent family dog  and are easy to train. It likes children, but they should not treat it as a toy.It barks very often because it has excellent hearing and hears everything.

This breed requires regular combing, bathing, haircut and maintenance of hair and it is recommended to take bichon frise for professional maintenance every 4-6 weeks.
Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire terrier is among the smallest breeds in the world - definitely the smallest terrier - and among the most popular ones.

Despite its size also its beautiful hair and colour, well-groomed look, and also its attractive, lively nature. The hair was good protection for the body and eyes in confrontation with predators and vermins.
It is a relatively long-lived breed, and can thus be a good and faithful friend for many years.

Yorkshire terrier is of very compact and regular build and upright posture that creates an impression of importance. Dog’s outer description creates an impression of energy and body balance. It weights up to 3.1 kg.

Yorkshire terrier needs relatively small space in an apartment which is a reason why today it is so often met in many cities’ households.
Since one of essential characteristics of this breed is its glamorous hair and colour, it needs to be said that it is necessary to put a lot of effort in maintenance of this beauty.
German Shepherd

German shepherd is the most spread breeds in the world. It originates from Germany, from its ancestors, excellent herding dogs. Since the dog is highly intelligent, sharp and faithful, it is ready to learn new skills every day and is often used by numerous organizations for fulfilling daily tasks.

German shepherd can be found in cities, helping disabled, blind and visually impaired persons, at border crossings helping to detect drug and arms smugglers,  in various police jobs - for which reason it is named also police dog - searching for disappeared and lost persons on occasion of various natural disasters and accidents.

However, it is very gladly seen as a family member, in children’s company, helping them to grow through play into responsible persons of positive habits.

During past years German shepherds of Croatian breeding won on several occasions the title of the most successful in European as well as in international competition.
Golden Retriever

Today, golden retriever is a family member - a cheerful dog reliable in play with children, without any trace of aggressiveness, a dog who will always welcome you cheerfully wagging his tail.The dog is trustful companion and assistance to disabled and blind persons and also a rescue dog.

Golden retriever was recognized in 1913 as special breed, and since then its popularity is constantly growing. The breed was created to be of help to hunters in retrieving game as e.g. after duck and pheasant shooting, because golden retrievers love water above all.

Golden retriever is a well-proportioned dog, symmetric, lively, sturdy, strongly built, with straight or wavy fur and dense under-fur resistant to coldness and water. It is an ideal family dog, good (golden)-natured, who loves family and every day demonstrates its cheerfulness.

Golden retriever is about 51 to 61 cm high; females are shorter, males are taller, weighting 30-35 kg, of strong skeleton with balanced, nicely shaped head, dark nose pigmentation, good-nature eyes and expression. Its lifespan is about 14 years.

The hair requires regular combing, especially when shedding and sometimes also a visit to dog’s hairdresser.The dog is always in the mood for eating and should be under control not to gain too much weight.

Golden retriever needs everyday walks, loves swimming in summer, and also loves to be given lessons and to be trained, in order to better serve his master.

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