Friday, 11 January 2013

Liechtenstein Panorama II


Since last year Liechtenstein Post issued the stamp series with theme of "Liechtenstein - Panorama".The last year started with two marks on "valley"  miniseries . 

On June 14 , 2012 the se-tenant stamp issued  under the theme "Mountain Landscape", as with last year's edition features a panoramic photograph back, which initiated in one of the Philately Liechtenstein and among members of the photo club spectral discharged competition was chosen as the winner Photography .

The Xavier Roser made from Ruggell panoramic image was (also called rear Grauspitz, 2574 m above sea level. M.) from the Black Horn from the north-east of the Rhine valley down photographed and left shows the "Lawenatal" (face value CHF 1.00) and on the right the "Val√ľnata” ( value CHF 1.00).

Between them is the Rappastein (2222 m above sea level. M.). The Lawena (of Romansh lavegna: Avalanche), a summer Alpine working in a cauldron-like valley is, from the Rhine to reach her on a long and challenging walk.

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