Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Guernsey SEPAC II



Guernsey Post  have released a set of six stamps feature the  Guernsey’s fabulous view for contributing the 2009 SEPAC issue on September 16, 2009.



The six scenes are taken from the lens of Dan Edmund’s camera. The images criss-cross the island, from the mighty vista from Jerbourg Point (shown on 36 p stamp)  in the south across to unusually peaceful Vazon Bay ( shown on 43 p stamp) on the west and the idyllic calm of Bordeaux harbour (shown on 77p stamp)



The 51 p stamp shown the Saints Bay Moorings, a half hour-cliff path stroll around from Jerbourg. This place are suitable for part-time fisherman still pursue their hobby and bring home lovely fresh traditional food for the table top. This stamp are chosen for bears the SEPAC logo



The 54 p stamp shown Le Jaonnet Bay, is a further half hour or so along – a tiny beach at the bottom of a steep path, the final leg of which involves a ladder down to the rocks.



The 56 p stamp shown Rocquaine Bay, which takes in the flat, sandy rock-pool paradise that is L’Eree, then Fort Grey and on the superbly child-friendly part and finally the working harbour as Portelet.

One of the highlight of the summer is the Rocquaine Regatta, with all manner of fun on the beach and in the surrounding area.




The 77 p stamp shown Bordeaux Harbour is a fishing port and bay in the parish of Vale in the north east of Guernsey.

Used to be used as a fishing harbour but is now more commonly used just as a beach, one of the few beaches in Guernsey that allow you to walk your dogs on all year round.The annual Guernsey winkle-picking contest is held here each year on 23 October.

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