Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Guernsey SEPAC II



Guernsey Post  have released a set of six stamps feature the  Guernsey’s fabulous view for contributing the 2009 SEPAC issue on September 16, 2009.



The six scenes are taken from the lens of Dan Edmund’s camera. The images criss-cross the island, from the mighty vista from Jerbourg Point (shown on 36 p stamp)  in the south across to unusually peaceful Vazon Bay ( shown on 43 p stamp) on the west and the idyllic calm of Bordeaux harbour (shown on 77p stamp)

Monday, 14 January 2013

Indigenous People 2012


The adoption of the UNO Declaration is the clearest indication yet that the international community is committing itself to the protection of the individual and collective rights of indigenous peoples.

Regarding this matter, on 11 October 2012, the United Nations Postal Administration issued 18 commemorative stamps in denominations of US$ 0.45, CHF 0.85 and € 0.70 in a mini-sheet format of six stamps each on the theme "Indigenous People".



This is the third in a series of stamps on Indigenous People, which were painted by the artist Stephen Bennett (USA).

The top row stamps represent (from left to right):The God Must Be Crazy (Namibia,2002), Maiko of Kyoto (Japan, 2012), Baby on Her Back (Tibet, China 2012).

The bottom row stamps represent (from left to right):Genesis Girls (Ethiopia,2010), Baby Bat (Mongolia, 2012), Goggle Girl (Tanzania, 2001).

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Fiji's Extinct Megafauna




Fiji Post released a set of four stamps feature the Fiji’s Extinct Megafauna on  August 15,  2006. The 50c stamp depicts  Fiji Crocodile or Volia athollandersoni.

Volia athollandersoni or Fiji Crocodile was an extinct genus of Fiji mekosuchine crocodylian. It was around 2–3 meters long.  It is the greatest predator of the Pleistocene ecosystems of Fiji.Fossils of Volia athollandersoni have been found in Fiji Islands at Voli-Voli Cave and Wainibuku Cave.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Liechtenstein Panorama II


Since last year Liechtenstein Post issued the stamp series with theme of "Liechtenstein - Panorama".The last year started with two marks on "valley"  miniseries . 

On June 14 , 2012 the se-tenant stamp issued  under the theme "Mountain Landscape", as with last year's edition features a panoramic photograph back, which initiated in one of the Philately Liechtenstein and among members of the photo club spectral discharged competition was chosen as the winner Photography .

The Xavier Roser made from Ruggell panoramic image was (also called rear Grauspitz, 2574 m above sea level. M.) from the Black Horn from the north-east of the Rhine valley down photographed and left shows the "Lawenatal" (face value CHF 1.00) and on the right the "Val√ľnata” ( value CHF 1.00).

Between them is the Rappastein (2222 m above sea level. M.). The Lawena (of Romansh lavegna: Avalanche), a summer Alpine working in a cauldron-like valley is, from the Rhine to reach her on a long and challenging walk.