Sunday, 9 December 2012

‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’

hobbit a
To commemorate  the release of the first of three film  based on ‘the Hobbit’ which New Zealand is chosen as home to Middle-earth once again, New Zealand Post has issued official stamps on November 1, 2012. 

This set of six gummed stamps features key characters from ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’.
70c Bilbo Baggins – Like all Hobbits, Bilbo Baggins is fond of his comfortable existence, but his life changes forever when he is unexpectedly swept away from his home in the Shire to embark upon an epic quest to reclaim the lost Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor.


hobbit b
$1.40 Gollum - Once a hobbit-like creature named Sméagol, Gollum’s body and soul have been poisoned by the power of a small, plain, gold ring that he has kept hidden deep in a dark cavern within the Misty Mountains.

hobbit d

$1.90 Gandalf - One of the most powerful Wizards in all Middle-earth, Gandalf the Grey joins the quest to reclaim the Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor and the great treasure that lies within its stone halls from a fire-breathing dragon, Smaug the Terrible.
hobbit c

$2.10 Thorin Oakenshield - A strong, fearless fighter and respected leader of The Company of Dwarves, Thorin is  determined to reclaim his homeland and destroy the beast that brought such misery upon his people.

hobbit e
$2.40 Radagast - Forgetful, easily distracted and quite eccentric, Radagast is more comfortable talking to animals than he is to people. A fellow Wizard and friend of Gandalf the Grey, Radagast is one of the guardians of the great forests of Middle-earth.

hobbit f
$2.90 Elrond - One of the wisest and most ancient of the Elves remaining in Middle-earth, Elrond is Master of Rivendell, the Last Homely House East of the Sea. During The Company of Thorin Oakensield’s brief stay, Elrond provides shelter and supplies to Bilbo and the Dwarves. (Resource: NZ Post Bulletin)

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