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Karaoglan - Turkish Cartoon Heroes

Turkey Post commemorates their historical comic which have been exist long time ago by issuing a set of four stamps feature Karaoğlan, Turkish Cartoon Heroes, on April 20, 2006.  This stamps are part of other  the comic stamp series .
Karaoğlan is a Turkish historical comic book that was created in 1963 by Suat Yalaz.

The comic's story takes place between the 12th and 13th centuries in Central Asia during the reign of Cengiz Khan.

The main character of the story , Karaoğlan, is a young Uygur Turkic adventurer who worked as a scout in Cengiz Khan's army.
Karaoğlan is portrayed as an 23 years-old adventurous and brave youngster. He is nomadic and travels throughout Eurasia in his stories. He traveled as far as China, İndia, Konstantinople and Siberia.
Karaoğlan is accompanied by his faithful friend Balaban, an ex-captain in Mongolian army and his father Baybora. His arch-nemesis is Camoka, a Mongolian bandit who raids villages with his men

Karaoğlan‘s mother got killed in a tribal blood feud and his father (which he will reunite with years later) Baybora had to run while Karaoğlan was just a baby.
He was raised by a woodsman. The woodsman called him "black boy" (karaoğlan) because of his long black hair.
Suat Yalaz created  this story based on Turkish history and folklore. He was faithful to the language and daily life of that era. Because it is originally started as a daily comics in newspaper, stories were focused for a mature audience with serious issues of war, politics, history and eroticism.


Karaoğlan is the first Turkish comic book that is published internationally. After Yalaz moved to France, Karaoğlan was published in Paris with the title of "Kebir" for seven years. 

Kebir comic books got successful and begun distributed to French speaking regions of Europe and Canada, as well as north African countries like Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco etc.
The Kebir comics started publishing as monthly, then turned to fortnightly. This success brought new editions of Kebir comics in English and Arabic (in Iraq under the title "desert eagle" at the end of 1970s).

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