Saturday, 8 December 2012

International Year of sustainable energy for all

Ban Ki-Moon, UNO’s General Secretary commented on the initiative and warned: “The lack of energy must finish, we shall have the possibility to switch on the light in all houses, to reduce poverty and give everyone an opportunity, to lead the economic stimulus and fight climatic changes”.

UNO declared the 2012 International Year of sustainable energy for all. The UNO’s main goal is set-up the public opinion aware and lead the governments decisions towards the theme of sustainability.


To support this resolution, San Marino Post issued a set of four stamps feature how to make a global revolution  “ a new idea of clean energy” on May 9, 2012
The issue stamps depict  energy in short aeolian : sun, hydroelectric and marine, from biomasses and geothermal. The designer is Franco Filanci, one of the most prolific author of stamps and philatelic books and now President of ‘Accademia italiana di filatelia e storia postale’.

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