Friday, 7 December 2012

Australia’s Road Trip

17400671aAustralia Post concerned to the one of the 21st century life style in their country,  a road trip, by issuing a set of five stamps features how its became trend among the  Australians , on September 18, 2012.
This stamp issue adopts a light-hearted approach to travelling through remarkable landscapes and calling at some landmark attractions in Australia. 

The large square shape and vibrant colours bring the road trip to life.The 60c stamp represent the Great Barrier Reef, the world's largest coral reef system, which hugs some 2,000 kilometers of coastline.

Wayfarers of today are inspired by a lust for learning, adventure and freedom, and simply for fun.The road trip is arguably still a pilgrimage of sorts, even if secular.

For many trippers, it is as much about the journey as it is the destination. The 60 c stamp  represent Margaret River, known not only for its premium wines and gastronomic pleasures but for its barreling surf.


On Australia continent, where long strips of bitumen connect towns and cities, a road trip is not only a rite of passage but a necessity.

It has also become a familiar experience for many Australians on their overseas odysseys.
The 60c stamp represents Port Arthur, an impressive reminder of Australia’s grim past.

17400671dThe road trip of today has its roots in the distant past, although taking to the tarmac in the 21st century doesn't look much like its predecessors.
The 60 c stamp represents Phillip Island, where Little Penguins (Eudyptula minor) parade from beach to sand dunes at sunset each eve.

17400671eThe "grand tour" of the 17th and 18th centuries was an educative tour of Europe for young gents from the ruling class, and, in preceding centuries, the pilgrimage was fuelled by religious observance rather than scholarly and cultural needs.
The 60 c stamp represents the outback town of Alice Springs, home to not only the quirky annual Camel Cup but a notable centre for Aboriginal art and culture

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