Friday, 30 November 2012

Veteran Car – Liechtenstein

Philately Liechtenstein  will issue the new, five-part series of stamps,  classic cars.This series have been starting with theme the so-called veteran cars, so still roadworthy classic cars, which are placed on special occasions in traffic.

Using  the  motor  Veterans   clubs   Liechtenstein  four vehicles were selected, which were all  produced  before 1921 and are in collections in Liechtenstein.

The CHF 0.85 stamp depicts  the oldest model of a rare Brasier racing in 1908. Henri Brasier was a French engineer who built in 1901 in a suburb of Paris automobiles.

The CHF 1.00 stamp depicts the 1911 Stanley Steamer. Something more recent of the year 1911 built, steam-powered Stanley Steamer , the American twins Francis Edgar and Freelan Oscar Stanley from Newton / MA. 

The CHF 1.40 stamp depicts Ford Model T Speedster 1915 .The best-known model in the series is expected in 1915, Ford produced T Speedster  be the sporty version of the famous "Tin Lizzie" series, one of the most produced car series in the world.

The CHF 1.90 stamp depict Hinstin 1920.  This car was built by Jacques Hinstin from Maubeuge (F), who built his company from 1920 to 1926 only three different automobile models. Makes the conclusion of the Hinstin  from 1920 is a real rarity

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