Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The International Fresh Water

Freshwater is the important element for life on earth. It is essential for satisfying basic human needs, health, food production, energy and maintenance of regional and global ecosystems. 

In recognition of the central importance of water resources to the planet’s future, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed the year 2003 as the International Year of Freshwater. Therefore Post Fiji Limited pleased to release a set of two stamps in one miniature sheet on the 22nd of April 2003.  The issue depicts waterfall in the forest that show how  important the availability of fresh water   as part of a ecosystem in the world.
There are many causes of the apparent decrease in  the fresh water supply. Principal amongst these factors  is the increase in population through in-creasing life expectancy, the increase in per capita water use and the desire of many people to live in warm climates that have naturally low levels of fresh water resources. Climate change is also likely to change the availability and distribution of fresh water across the earth.
The International Year of Freshwater provides the world community an opportunity to raise awareness, promote good practice, motivate people and mobilize resources in order to meet basic human needs and manage water in a sustainable way.

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