Thursday, 8 November 2012

Musical Instruments I of Kazakhstan

Kazpost pleased to issue a set of two stamps feature their traditional musical instruments on May 26, 2003.

The musical instruments depicted on two stamps are Dombyra and Kobyz.
The 25 stamp present Dombyra music instrument. Dombyra or Dongbula is a long-necked lute and a musical string instrument that exists in the culture of the Turkic peoples.

It is considered a folk instrument of the Kazakhs and Nogais. The instrument shares some of its characteristics with the Central Asian komuz and dutar.

The Kazakh dombyra has frets and is played by strumming with the hand or plucking each string individually, with an occasiona l tap on the main surface of the instrument. While the strings are traditionally made of sinew, modern dombras are usually produced using nylon strings.

One of the greatest dombra players is Kazakh folk musician and composer Kurmangazy, which had a great influence on the development of the Kazakh musical culture, including - music for dombra, his musical composition "Adai" popular in Kazakhstan and abroad
The 50 stamp present Kobyz music instrument. The Kobyz or kyl-kobyz is an ancient Kazakh string instrument. It has two strings made of horsehair. The resonating cavity is usually covered with goat leather.
Traditionally kobyzes were sacred instruments, owned by shamans and bakses (traditional spiritual medics). According to legends, the kobyz and its music could banish evil spirits, sicknesses and death.

Such a modernized kobyz can be used to play both Kazakh music and the most complicated works of violin literature. One of the few western musicians to use the kobyz is Trefor Goronwy.

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