Thursday, 1 November 2012

Keloglan - Turkish Cartoon Heroes

Turkey Post dedicated to the Turkish Cartoon Heroes, Keloglan, a fictional  character from Turkish culture by issuing  a set of four stamps on November 2007. The issue depicts Keloglan characters. Stories about him were staged by Fisko Birlik, Danone Çocuk Tiyatroları and many special societies many times and attracted a lot of attention and applause. 
Keloğlan is the most famous and the favourite person of the Turkish children’s tale. Keloğlan has a problem of being bald from birth. He is the substitute of the Anatolian people who can have big dreams who are virtuous, prudent, a little bald, a little romantic and very sportive. He treats the monsters he struggles very well after he defeats them.

Keloğlan is a hero who lives with his poor mother and who works in order to earn his living. He is careless and chaste but a ready reply boy. He never forgets about his mother,always helps his friends. Also he is a hero who finds practical solutions to the problems and who achieves his goal in the end. By playing word games, he achieves his goal sometimes thanks to his cunningness,sometimes thanks to his chastity.

Keloğlan is a clever public hero who has big dreams. Sometimes he is coward but at the same time he is brave enough to have a wish of marrying the sultan’s daughter. Keloğlan is hardworking, determined, decisive, active, strong, sworn enemy of injustice and the powerful defender of nature. 
He can have an optimistic point of view even in the hardest situations. By his intelligence, his working and efforts, he manages to get rid of the adventure where the tale takes him to. Keloğlan’s goal is not only to reach the children who know him,but also to reach the whole world’s children and to be a universal hero.

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