Thursday, 18 October 2012

Monumental Arches and Gates of Spain

Espana Post has issued the stamp set  features the monumental arches and gates on  January  2, 2012. The issue comprises of 8 postage stamps which depicted arches and gates found in Spain, Macarena Arch, Alcala Gate, Santa Maria Gate,  Serranos Gate, Triumphal Gate, Palmas Gate, Bisagra Gate, and Bara Arch.

The arch or gate of La Macarena, located in the neighborhood it is named and near the Basilica de la Esperanza Macarena was one of the entrances to the walled city of Seville. It has a single arch topped by ceramic decorations and ornaments stand him classicists, the result of subsequent remodeling.

Alcala Gate, was built by the Italian architect Carlos III Sabatini. It is a monumental building aspect and neoclassical consists of five arches, the three central arches and lintels both end. This icon of Madrid, is located in the Plaza de la Independencia.

The Arch of Santa Maria de Burgos is one of eight gates and was built in honor of Charles V. Presents a monumental Renaissance aesthetic cover, framed between two powerful cylindrical buckets and their arch can be seen as an altarpiece, distributed in various niches statues of characters linked to the medieval history of the city.

The door or Serranos towers, one of which had twelve gates with Valencia in its walls, are inspired by Gothic and construction is due to teacher Pere Balaguer, who initiated them in 1392 and concluded in 1398.

The Arc de Triomphe in Barcelona was conceived as the main entrance to the Universal Exhibition of 1888.By architect Vilaseca i Casanovas and its construction is neomudéjar.

The Palmas de Badajoz door is framed between two circular crenellated towers. It is the sixteenth century and served as a royal prison in the nineteenth century.

The door hinge is of Muslim origin Toledo and was rebuilt during the reigns of Charles V and Philip II by Alonso de Covarrubias in the sixteenth century, so it is Renaissance. This consists of two sections separated by a parade.

The Arc de Bara is a Roman triumphal arch located on the route of the Via Augusta. It has a round arch and built under Augustus.

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