Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Gibraltar Chess Festival


The Gibraltar International Chess Festival, now one of the most prestigious open tournaments in the world, began as a much smaller event in 2003. Its popularity has grown year on year, and today well over 300 participants.


On January 23, 2012, Gibraltar Post has  commemorated this event  by  issuing four stamps feature the best  games of many thousands contested in Gibraltar over the past decade. All the players shown are grandmasters.

The 2p stamp represents the game-board between GM Viktor Bologan (Moldova) with GM Pia Cramling (Sweden). GM Pia Cramling  has played in all ten Gibraltar festivals.GM Viktor Bologan is a elite player with aggressive styles popular with the public.


The 30p stamp represent the game board between  GM Natalia Zhukova (Ukraine)  with  GM Michael Adams (England) . GM Natalia Zhukova won the top female award in 2010 whilst Michael Adams  is a former Gibraltar champions.


The 75p stamp represent the game-board between GM Viktor Korchnoi with GM Fabiano Caruana. Chess legend GM Viktor Korchnoi (Switzerland) fought two World Championship matches with arch-rival GM Anatoly Karpov, whilst GM Fabiano Caruana (Italy) is a elite players with aggressive styles popular with the public. 

The 2 pound stamp represent the game-board between GM Nigel Short (England) with GM  Vassily Ivanchuk (Ukraine). Both players  are all former Gibraltar champions. 


The Gibraltar International Chess Festival 2012 continues to bring excitement to the chess calendar, this time attracting not only some of the best Grandmasters, but also the women chess elite.

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