Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Europa 2012 - Visit Malta

Theme  of Europa stamp 2012  is Visit to Europe's countries,  encourage public awareness of some of Europe's most picturesque areas of cultural and historic importance, as well as common European roots and objectives. Therefore Malta Post issued two postage stamps in related with Europa 2012 theme.

The Grand Harbour featured on the stamps has been used since Phoencian times, and has been greatly improved over the centuries with the addition of docks and wharfs.The chosen panoramic picture, which is taken from the Upper Barrakka Gardens, highlights the unobstructed views of the historic Three Cities opposite, with Fort St. Angelo in the centre. 

The photograph also shows a portion of the Gardens' Saluting Battery, which forms part of Valletta's old and unique fortifications built in 1566 by the Knights of St John, a year after the Great Siege. (Sources: Malta News Stamp Info)

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