Friday, 21 September 2012

Inland Waterways of Ireland

Ireland Post issued the stamp set featuring stunning photography by Walter Pfeiffer, Ireland’ inland waterways on October 20, 2006. The issue comprises of 4 beautiful stamps, depicts the Grand Canal at Cornalour, the river Barrow at Graignmanagh, the river Shannon at Meelick Pier, the Belturbet Marina on the river Erne in County Cavan. 


The  Barrow Navigation as the waterway links the cities of Waterford and Dublin, and flows through several significant town along the way. This work start in 1761 and it was completed in 120 km long and contained 32 locks. The Barrow Navigation was constructed involved the complex series of canals and weirs to control the natural fall of the water, in order to provide sufficient depth for boats.


The Grand Canal at Cornalour was once the main transport line across Ireland. The last commercial boat to use it , in 1960. Starting at Ringsend in Dublin city, and finishing at Shannon Harbour, County Offaly, the Canal carried the passengers and goods such tuff, coal and grain in and out the capital, around the country. There are a total of thirty-six locks and stone bridges.


The river Shannon is 344 km in length and covers an area of 2,035 sq km. This river route from  its source at the Shannon Pot on the slopes of Cuilcagh Mountain, in County Cavan , to Loop Head where it meets the Atlantic Ocean.

The Boyle and Carnadoe Waters and the Inner Lakes of Louhgh Ree are part of the Shannon Navigation and provide a series of small inter-connected lakes. Wild-flowers, wildlife fauna bloom and thrive in these small, green spaces and provide an invaluable respite from an increasingly busy world.


Belturbet lies at one of the best places for crossing the River Erne. Belturbet is now a thriving angling town with a marina. The Erne network comprises Upper and Lower Lough Erne and the River Erne.

From Belturbet in the south to Belleek in the north, running through Enniskillen, there are 64 sq km of islands and view to enjoy. This marvelous labyrinth of clear blue inland water is an angler’s paradise, and there are numerous places to relax and soak up the peace and tranquility of these magical surroundings.

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