Friday, 31 August 2012

Visit Jersey – Europa 2012

Following the theme set by Post Europ for 2012, the stamps set highlights four of the many reasons to ʻvisit Jerseyʼ. The stamps have designed by Colleen Corlett and have issued on January 10, 2012.
The largest of the Channel Islands, Jersey is situated 14 miles from the Cotentin Peninsula, in Normandy, France and enjoys a particularly favourable climate during the summer months. For many years, tourism has been one of the islandʼs greatest industries .

Jerseyʼs forty-five square miles are largely made up of unspoilt countryside and arable land. Steep south-facing slopes can be seen around the island, used extensively for farming the world-famous Jersey Royal Potato and other crops.
The warm climate provides perfect conditions for vineyard sand orchards in the production of local wines and cider, which may well be enjoyed with a selection of Jersey seafood.
Lobster and moules (or mussels) are available in abundance during the summer months, as are crabs (Chancre and Spider), oysters and a variety of fish such as bass, black breamand plaice.

Being such an attractive island, many of the activities to be enjoyed take place at some of Jerseyʼs beaches. Surfing has been a popular sport in the island since the 1950s.
The bay of St Ouen stretches for five miles along the entire length of the west coast and offers some of the best surfing conditions in Europe.
Sand yachts, or blokarts, can also be seen here and at St Aubinʼs Bay making the most of the large stretches of sand. Sailing is of course very popular all around the island as is kayaking, windsurfing and kite surfing whilst Hobie catamarans line the promenade at Beaumont in the parish of St Peter.

In 1996, Jersey was the first destination in the world to receive Green Globe status. The award was given in recognition of the progress which has been made within the island in developing schemes such as coastal footpaths, cycle tracks and the green lane network.
Walking is promoted within the island and a third of visitors to Jersey enjoy the 15 miles of cliff paths, 46 miles of Green Lanes and a host of self-guided walks including food trails, parish walks, ale trails and heritage walks. Together with a 96 mile cycle network, there can be little better way to enjoy the islandʼs natural beauty and architectural heritage.

The islandʼs heritage can be traced back 250,000 years when Neolithic people began to arrive. Dating back to 4000-3250BC, one of Europeʼs finest passage graves can be found at the historic site of La Hougue Bie.
A medieval chapel sits on top of the prehistoric mound and dolmen and many artifacts dating back thousands of years are on show at the museum nearby.
Magnificent castles dominate both the east and south coasts; visitors can experience re-enactments at Elizabeth Castle where the 1781 Jersey Militia put on a thrilling display of artillery during the summer months .(Source: Bulletin of Jersey Post)

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