Monday, 27 August 2012


The carnival was born in Venice and has very ancient origins. This celebration dates back to 1094, when the Doge Vitale Faliero inserted for the first time in its official documents. San Marino has decided to celebrate this event with a stamp set inspired by the essential symbol of Carnival Masks on February 6, 2004. The issue consist of two postage stamps  depicted the situation of the parties.


During busy periods in addition to the parties in the buildings, where the nobility wore expensive costumes products for the occasion, in the streets you could see jugglers and acrobats, animal trainers of exotic animals imported from more distant lands, or performances of acrobats that created of human high columns.

"Oriental Express. Masked Journey on the Silk Road" is the theme chosen for 2004 with obvious reference to Marco Polo and his legendary pilgrimage in the countries of the East and the Far East told the Million.

Venice will be invaded by sounds, voices, images, dances, acrobats, concerts, street artists from the East or the Orient are inspired their disguises and performances. Other countries like : India, Thailand, China and Japan have been involved in the impressive event for 17 days on the Canal Grande and the mainland. (Sources: San Marino News)

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