Thursday, 30 August 2012

Europa 2012 - visit the Faroe Islands

The interest for the Faroes as a travel destination is rapidly growing.  In December last year, The Daily Mail recommended the Faroes as one of the ten best destinations in 2012.There are valid reasons for that such as : unspoiled environment and culture, well-established infrastructure and good accommodations are attractive for tourists who seek something different than just days in the sun. The rough beauty of the country is legendary and stimulates the senses.


On April 30, 2012, The Post of Faroe Islands following the chosen theme of EUROPE  stamps this year issued the stamp set features  a tiny glimpse of what you could expect from an active holiday on the Faroes.The issue consist of two postage stamp depicted the panorama of the Faroes Island. Hikes and trips in the grandious nature – by land or by sea. To take a peek into the abyss from a sharp mountain-edge on one of the northern islands – or a high speed and extreme cruise below the enormous bird-cliffs of Suðuroy – just a couple of the exiting activities that wait for you

The Cathedral Ruins of Kirkjubøur, a monument over the power and glory of the Middle Age church. The museums around the islands, which provide an excellent insight into the colourful history of the islands. And finally, the modern Faroese society. From the cafes and nightlife of Tórshavn, the numerous cultural events – to everyday life in villages and towns. The summer-festivals, the music-festivals, chain-dance and rock concerts. Art exhibitions and literary events – the cultural life of the Faroes is as varied and colourful as the village houses.

It is not the lazy life at sunny beaches you will meet on the Faroe Islands. It is the life in a rough and untamed nature – the beauty of the grandious and ever changing. The encounter with hospitable people, who may live in a strange environment, but still are surprisingly cosmopolitan, skilled in languages and well-informed about the World outside. A modern society characterized by its environment and history.

The  destination  to the Faroe Islands can travels by ship or airplane. The shipping company Smyril Line offers transport on the modern Atlantic ferry "Norrøna", which carries both passengers and cars.  If  prefer to travel by air, Atlantic Airways has daily departures to and from the Faroes.

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