Monday, 4 June 2012

Winter Rally Norway – World Rally Championship

Rally Norway is the Norwegian rally which, as of the 2007 season onwards, is part of the World Rally Championship organized by the FIA, the governing body for worldwide motorsport, culminating with a champion driver and manufacturer.
On February 06, 2007, Norway Post to commemorate this event issued the stamp set that depicted the champion driver, Petter Solberg in Subaru Impreza, Henning Solberg in Peugeot 307, and Thomas Schie in Ford Focus. Solberg in Subaru Impreza WRC 

Norway is enjoying a spectacular winter and with temperatures nudging -30ºC, the ice-packed roads were in perfect condition for a classic snow rally.  Bone hard and lined by large snow banks, they encouraged drivers to attack. The cars competing at the top level of the sport are known as World Rally Cars, and are - for the last time this year - based on four-cylinder two-litre production cars.
World Rally Cars are not the only type of vehicle on the WRC stages. The championship also includes three support series for different classes of car: Production, Junior and Super 2000. Solberg in Peugeot 307 WRC
he Production Car World Rally Championship (P-WRC) is the FIA’s principal series for near-showroom spec four-wheel drive, turbocharged cars, while the Juinior World Rally Championship (J-WRC) is the place to find the stars of the future battling it out in two-wheel drive non-turbocharged hatchbacks. New for 2010 is the Super 2000 World Rally Championship (S-WRC) - a class specifically for two-litre, four-wheel drive non-turbocharged Super 2000 cars. Schie in Ford Focus WRC

Most WRC rallies follow the same basic itinerary: two days of reconnaissance on Tuesday and Wednesday, to enable the driver and co-driver to check the route, and ‘shakedown’ - in effect practice - on Thursday, followed by the competition itself on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Some events also include ‘Super Special’ stages - short and compact sprint tests which often feature two cars racing head-to-head.

Besides checking the car and changing tires, during this time a team of four technicians is allowed to perform mechanical work on each car. Service time available is strictly limited, with each stop being either 10, 30 or 45 minutes depending on the itinerary.

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