Tuesday, 13 March 2012

“Global Warming is Real”

Since several years ago, all scientist of every countries in the world agreed that the global warming have been occurred and will be continued as far no action to recover it. Many countries have been hold the world conferences to discuss this matter. The warnings and recall issues have been announced.The results are  depend on the people interest  how they will anticipate the global  warming effect.

“ Global warming is real and it’s here. There are no longer excuses for inaction”

Almost of the authorities post issued the commemorative stamp set to recall people how they have to take action to minimize the effect caused by this phenomenon. Tuvalu post issued the stamp set feature the global warming in two presentation , one souvenir sheet and one miniature sheet. The miniature sheet consist of 6 postage stamp that depicted the effects and the prevention acts. The effects shown on stamps are habitat destroyed ( polar bear’s habitat reduced, coral beach’s habitat bleaching) and erratic weather patterns which caused the human life affected, meanwhile the prevention act depicted on stamps are use the renewable energy, recycle of waste material, planting trees. This action will reduce the greenhouse gas effect.

The souvenir sheet which consist only one stamp, depicted the use of renewable green energy, wind energy. As stated by Union of Concerned Scientists, “Using energy more efficiently and moving to renewable energy would significantly reduce the emissions of heat-trapping gases”, we should use green energy in the all of our activities every day.

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