Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Prunus domestica – Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bosnia & Herzegovina Post (B&H Croatian Post Mostar) issued the flora stamp set feature Prunus domestica, often called”plum” in common English, on the first of November 2009. The issue composed of two postage stamp with the uniform nominal value. 

Prunus domestica  called “plums” is a Prunus species with many varieties. There are not all plums belong to this species.
Its hybrid parentage from  Prunus spinosa and Prunus cerasifera var. divaricata.

This is the most commonly grown plum at least in Europe, and most prunes (dried plums) are made from fruits of this species.

Typically it forms a large shrub or a small tree. It may be somewhat thorny, with white flowers, borne in early spring. The fruit varies in size, but can be up to 8 cm across, and is usually sweet, but can be rather acid in some varieties.

The fruit is sweet and juicy, though firm. Flesh is orange-yellow, skin is smooth, deep violet-blue.

The fruit is excellent fresh as well as canned, high sugar content makes them ideal for drying.

Prunus domestica  blooms late in the spring and is mostly self-fertile, though it benefits from a pollinator nearby.


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