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Indigenous People–UNPA 2009

Indigo People
The United Nation Postal Administration issued the first commemorative stamp series consist of 18  postage stamps in mini-sheet format on October 8, 2009. The issue presented the Indigenous People on three mini-sheet format which each mini-sheet consist of 6 postage stamps.

The miniature sheet depicts the indigenous people of:
Top row: Beach Baby (Seychelles 2001), Bario Baseball (Malaysia 2006), Welcom to Beswick (Australia 2003)
Bottom row: Karen Long Neck Bling(Thailand 2007), Temple Rain Man (Indonesia 2006), Break from Dancing (Tanzania 2001)

The second series of the indigenous people from UNPA have been presented in the previous submission in this blog : "Indigenous People on UNPA's Stamp - 2nd series"

Indigo People 2
The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, drafted and debated for more than 20 years. This declaration is presented the most comprehensive statement of the right of indigenous people and was announced in the international community, The United Nations General Assembly in September 2007.

The miniature-sheet  depicts the indigenous people :
top row: Charcoal and Blue sky (Papua New Guinea 2007), Himba Super Model (Namibia 2001), Whiskey and Dancing (Namibia 2002)
Bottom row: 100 Mile Smile (Tanzania 2001), Akah Bracelet Lady(Thailand 2006), Tavita the Ghost (French Polynesia 2000)

Indigo People 3
Now the International Community recognizes that special measures are required to protect the rights of the world’s indigenous people and  commit  to  support them for overcoming their life  challenges in the world and release them from the poverty.

The miniature-sheet depicts the indigenous people of :
Top row: The Green Bead (Tanzania 2002), Wirrapanda Reconciliation Ceremony (Australia 2004), Somehow Very Sure (Namibia 2002)
Bottom row: Bukat Prince (Indonesia 2006), Sunset Braids (Namibia 2001), Cotton Candy Turban (United Arab Emirates 2005)
The stamps were designed by Stephen Bennett (USA) , a dedicated portrait painter  living in New York. These stamps are the first time designs by him for the United Nations.

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