Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Gastronomy of Slovenia 2011

Slovenia Post proudly to issue stamp set features the specific gastronomy of their country, like Bled kremšnita or cream slice and Loška smojka  on January 25, 2011. The issue stamp were designed by Edi Berk.
The story behind of stamp was created by Janez Bogataj, PhD. Then summarized as following:

Bled kremšnita or cream slice
One of the famed delicacies produced by the popular resort of Bled is its sweet kremšnita, or cream slice. The Pastry chef , Ištvan Lukačević  spread vanilla cream on a layer of puff pastry, then on top of that a thinner layer of whipped sweet cream, then a layer of puff pastry, a dusting of icing sugar, and there was the Bled cream slice. Today this dessert treat is one of the biggest attractions of Bled.

Loška smojka
imageLoška smojka, a turnip hot pot, is an ancient fasting and dietary dish originating in the town of Škofja Loka and its surroundings. It was mostly served in autumn and winter evenings, and on Fridays at lunchtime

Smojka was also regarded as one of the more notable fasting dishes. Today smojka is seen as a major culinary challenge, so in slightly modernized form it features frequently in the most challenging culinary events in Slovenia and abroad.

In autumn, when the turnip harvest was selected for pickling, housewives would pick out smaller turnips to make smojka. The turnips were peeled, placed in an iron pot or baking tin, doused in boiling salted water, a large handful of millet groats were added and the pot was put in a hot oven, where the entirely unlarded turnips would slowly boil or simmer all day.

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