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Lighthouses of Hong Kong - 2010

On 29 December 2010, Hong Kong Post issued the stamp series features the lighthouse which are declared as monument of Hong Kong.
Two of the five lighthouses are on Green Island while the other three are at Cape D'Aguilar, Waglan Island and Tang Lung Chau respectively. 

Cape D’Agular – Lighthouse
Cape D'Aguilar Lighthouse is one of the declared monuments of Hong Kong. It is also known as Hok Tsui Beacon. The lighthouse is one of five pre-war surviving lighthouses in Hong Kong; it is also the oldest lighthouse in Hong Kong.

Old Green Island–Lighthouse –$1.80
Green Island is largely uninhabited and at the east coast is Green Island Reception Centre and Green Island Police Station. Top of the hill is an office of Marine Department and a light house southwest guides the ships in Sulphur Channel.

New green Island-Lighthouse–$2.80
The buildings of the Green Island Lighthouse Compound were declared as monuments in 2008. The historic buildings include the two lighthouses built in 1875 and 1905 respectively and the European quarters of the lighthouse compound. These three buildings are individually Grade II historic buildings.


Tang Lung Chau - Lighthouse
Tang Lung Chau Lighthouse and the former light keeper's house, located on Tang Lung Chau, was declared a monument on 29 December 2000.
The Lighthouse, also commonly known as Kap Sing Lighthouse, was put into service on 29 April 1912; it is one of the five surviving pre-war lighthouses in Hong Kong. It is a skeletal steel tower of 11.8 metres high with a white lantern on top. The steel tower and light apparatus were obtained from England. The lighthouse, now unmanned and automated, is now under the management of Marine Department.
There is a bedroom, a kitchen, a latrine and a store room in the adjoining brick light keeper's house. There was no spring or fresh water supply on the island so the light keeper of Tang Lung Chau Lighthouse use the rainwater which was collected from the roof and then diverted into underground tank.

Waglan - Lighthouse
Waglan Island  is a member of the Po Toi group of islands in Hong Kong. It hosts a ground of meteorological observation and recording.The Waglan Lighthouse on Waglan Island has been listed as a declared monument of Hong Kong. It commenced operation in 1893; it is one of the five surviving pre-war lighthouses in Hong Kong.

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