Saturday, 28 January 2012

Gastronomy of Luxembourg

Good food is  an integral part of the culture in Luxembourg. Because of the unique geographic location of our country, the cuisine of Luxembourg nicely combines German warmth with Franco-Belgian finesse while delivering a personality uniquely its own. Two typical dishes of the Luxembourg region are depicted on the special postage stamps of this gastronomic series “EUROPA 2005” such as : Judd matt Gaardebounen, and Feierstengszalot.

The primary national dish, Judd matt Gaardebounen or collar of smoked pork with marsh beans and brown sauce, is a dish particularly appreciated by gourmands. Accompanied by fried potatoes and a good bottle of white wine from the Luxembourg Moselle, Judd matt Gaardebounen is a true treat to share with friends or family.


Feierstengszalot is a small delicacy well known throughout Luxembourg. Besides its hard-boiled eggs and gherkins, which can’t be ignored, this salad is made up of boiled and diced breast of beef covered with a lightly creamed vinaigrette dressing. It is sure to delight even the most demanding palates.

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