Saturday, 3 December 2011

Water, a natural treasure

"Water, a natural treasure", is the theme chosen by POSTEUROP for its EUROPE 2001 stamps. It is a theme that focuses attention on a problem that is becoming very serious: the excessive heating of the Planet Earth and the indiscriminate use of natural resources is rarefying the presence of water more and more, to the point that the desert zone is expanding farther north all the time, with consequences and damage that could become irreparable for mankind and the environment in which he lives.

The message conveyed by the two stamps is clear:
- Water is a treasure to be preserved with all the care and attention such a treasure deserves; the concept is expressed by the safe full of water.
- In order to preserve water on the Planet we must safeguard those natural elements that are the source of life for water itself, such as the mountains.

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