Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Centenary of Powered Flight – Australia 2010

On 09 March 2010, Australia Post celebrated the Centenary of Powered Flight  with issue the stamp set of  3 postage stamps depicted the model of aircraft. The issue stamps denominated in 55c, $1.45, and $2.10 .
In December 1903, at Kittyhawk, North Carolina, USA, the Wright brothers famously made the world’s first sustained flight in a powered aircraft. Similar attempts to fly were soon made in Australia by three persons, Colin Defries, John Duigan, Harry Houdini.
The issue stamps   commemorates three significant powered flights from Australia’s early aviation history.
Colin Defries-9 Dec 1909
According to the criteria set by the Royal Aero Club of Great Britain, the first sustained, controlled flight in a powered aircraft was made by Englishman Colin Defries on 9 December 1909 at Victoria Park racecourse in Sydney. The plane was a modified Wright Model A named The Stella.
John Duigan – 7 October 1910
John Duigan was the first Australian to successfully fly an Australian-designed and constructed powered aircraft. On 7 October 1910, Duigan’s self-designed biplane flew 180 metres at 64kph at an altitude of 3.4 metres at his family property at Mia Mia, Victoria
Harry Houdini – 18 March 1910
On 18 March 1910, at Diggers Rest, Victoria, the American “escapologist” Harry Houdini made the first of several well-publicised flights in this country. His aircraft was an imported Voisin, with his name emblazoned on the tail.

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