Friday, 18 November 2011


Espana Post  has issued the stamp series features Elo Berhanyer, fashion designer on October 20, 2011. This issue presented in one miniature sheet comprised of 4 single stamps depicts his work designed.
Elio Berenguer Ubeda, known as Elio Berhanyer in the fashion world, was born in Córdoba in 1929. At the age of 17 he moved to Madrid and began to work in fashion. In 1956 he became a couturier and opened his own atelier. His name soon became known abroad and in that same year he won the award to the best designer given by Cadillac in the U.S.
Between 1960 and 1970 he presented his haute couture collection in the best catwalks and actress Ava Gardner, the countess of Romanones, queen Sofia and princess Pilar have worn his clothes.
Elio was one of the first designers to create a line of perfumes and accessories in 1969 and in this same year he also began to make prêt-à-porter in his same classic, elegant style. In 1973 he presented his first prêt-à-porter collection.
During this period of time he won the tender to design the uniform of Iberia staff, in 1982 he designed the hostesses’ uniform for the Football Cup and years later that of the staff of IFEMA. Throughout his career he has received the most prestigious design awards. 

Green and white striped dress suit with short double-sided white cotton blazer and small blue flowers over the whole outfit. 1970

Knee length coat and dress. The coat is double-sided in yellow wool and round neckline. The dress is made of white wool in the bodice and yellow at the skirt. 1972.

Long white cotton ball gown with large black polka dots in the skirt and smaller ones in the bodice. Round neckline, short sleeved and black sash at the waistline. Between 1968 and 1975. 

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