Wednesday, 2 November 2011


The Australia Post has  issued the stamps features golf sport (stick, glove, cup,shoes) on September 27, 2011. This issuance has been supported the President Cup Tournament at Royal Melbourne on November 2011.

In many countries golf is regarded as an elite sport, particularly as golf courses require expanses of land, often in urban areas In Australia plentiful space and our sporting culture has ensured a strong following of the sport.


image Both the Australian Golf Club in Sydney and the Royal Melbourne Golf Club can lay claim to being the oldest golf club in the country. While the Australian was founded in 1882, it did not operate between 1888 and 1895. Royal Melbourne, although founded later on in 1891, has been in continuous operation, making it the longest functioning club.
Despite their longevity, neither club can claim to be the oldest golf course in Australia. The Bothwell course in Tasmania was established in 1839, and may well have been the first golf course in the Southern Hemisphere. 


The first game was played there by Scotsman Alexander Reid, who brought with him from Scotland clubs and the standard golf balls of the day called “featheries”. These were bull hide balls stuffed with feathers and introduced as early as the 17th century to replace wooden golf balls. The Bothwell Golf Club was formally established in 1902 and is still in operation. 


A highlight of the 2011 Australian golfing year will be the hosting of The Presidents Cup at Royal Melbourne in November. The Presidents Cup is a biennial series of matches between a US team and an international team representing the rest of the world outside Europe.

It is hosted alternatively in the US and in countries represented by the international team. Royal Melbourne, which also hosted the cup in 1998, has the distinction of being the only course outside the USA to host the cup more than once. 

Throughout its 17-year history, the world’s greatest players have participated, including Greg Norman​, Fred Couples​, Arnold Palmer​, Peter Thomson, Jack Nicklaus​, Gary Player​ and Tiger Woods​. 


Despite the competition, the spirit of The Presidents Cup is one of international harmony and understanding, with no prize money directly awarded to the competitors. Instead. each competitor allocates an equal portion of the funds generated charities of his choice. Since the event’s inception in 1994, nearly $22 million has been raised for charities worldwide. 


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