Monday, 14 November 2011

Adventure Sports of Norfolk Island

There are many Adventure Sports enthusiasts on Norfolk Island. Then Norfolk Island Post to commemorate   this activities by issued the stamp series depicts many adventure sports on the 3rd of May 2007. This issue was designed by Rob Nisbet.
Boats have always played a role in life on Norfolk Island, however the kayak is quite new to the tourism industry. There are tours that take you kayaking to some remote places around the Island.


Surfers and Wind Surfers definitely have their place here on Norfolk Island. On a summers day, and with a good breeze on the bay, you can generally catch a glimpse of a wind surfer heading through the passage between Emily and Slaughter Bays towards Nepean and Phillip Islands.

The local surfing lads can be seen on any given day waiting patiently for the right surf whether it be a fine day or otherwise. Such is the life of an Adventure Sports enthusiast.

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