Thursday, 13 October 2011

“Quo Vadis” on the Polish stamp.

The Polish Post released six postal stamps in an ornamental sheet that features various sets of photographs from the film set of Quo Vadis on the 1st September 2001. The stamps issued with  the face value of PLN 1.00.  It is an ambition of Polish Post to issue the six chronologically stamps render the film's idea.

The history of the extraordinary love of a young Roman patrician and the beautiful Christian girl has been affecting and fascinating subsequent generations of readers for over one hundred years. The tense plot and an excellent, clear, and colourful picture of Rome during the Neron's reigns, ensured a huge popularity of the novel and a world-wide fame for Sienkiewicz, leading to the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1905. The novel was translated into the film language several times.
The individual stamps depicted  the following persons and events:
- Ligia, Vinicius, Petrinius against the Roman architecture at the background,
- singing Neron in one of the scenes of a feast,
- Peter the Apostle in the Roman catacombs during secret prayers of the Christians and a scene of the baptism of Chilon Chilonides,
- Chilon Chilonides against the great fire of Rome,
- Ligia tied to the back of the aurochs and Ursus, after a victorious fight with the auroch, holding Ligia in his arms, with Christians in the amphitheatre in the background,
- Peter the Apostle, Vinicius and Ligia blessed by Peter.

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