Tuesday, 18 October 2011

" FORESTS–Lithuania 2011 "

The Europa Stamp chosen theme of the year 2011 is Forests same as declared by UN that the year 2011 as the International year of Forests. This theme to raise awareness on the preservation, maintenance and conservation of forests. Therefore Lithuania Post issued the stamps depicted forests in two setenant stamps with logo of Europa on April 23, 2011.

Forest have a great important role of economic, ecological and social in human life. Forests cover one-third of the world’s land area and constitute one of the most important elements of biosphere. They protect soil, human settlements and infrastructure, provide supplies of clean freshwater, help preserve and maintain biological variety, open up possibilities for quality recreation, and etc.
It is of crucial importance that forests produce oxygen and remove pollutants from the atmosphere.
Forests store carbon dioxide, the main type of gasses which cause the greenhouse effect; however, as a result of cutting, burning, and other adverse activities with regard to forests, they have become the main source of these gasses.
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