Thursday, 7 July 2011

Classic Motorcycles of Malta

Motorcycle is very popular in Malta. The popularity is proven by the considerable number of its on Malta’s road. Motorcycles are cheaper to run and more practical form of transport, given the congested roads on Malta islands.
Regrettably, the Malta authorities have to this day failed to see the advantage of encouraging the use of two-wheeled transport.
Malta Post has chosen four models of motorcycles from a bygone era, at a time when Britain led the world in manufacturing motorcycles. The models featured on these stamps are a 1903 Minerva, a Matchless model, a Triumph model, and a Royal Enfield motorcycle.

The stamp 1c/Euro 0.02 shown the Royal Enfield motorcycle,  a single-seated 1954 model which had been used by the General Post Office in Malta.This motorcycle was renowned for its beautifully balanced and very fine 350 cc engine, known as the bullet engine.

The stamp 16 c/Euro 0.37 shown  a Matchless 1941 G3/L model. This motorcycle powered with a 341 cc overhead valve single cylinder engine.This model was very popular with despatch riders because of the innovative teledraulic from forks and its performance both on and off the road. This model remained in service throughout the war and until the mid-sixties. The machine depicted on this stamp had ben painted a sand colour with a crazy-paving pattern designed to resemble Maltese rubble walls. This type of camouflage was only used in Malta.

The 27 c/Euro 0.63 stamp shown the oldest motorcycle in Malta, The 1903 Minerva. This motorcycle also is the oldest vehicle on the road. The concept is actually a improved bicycle by strengthened bicycle frame with an engine attached, giving direct drive to the rear wheel via a leather belt.

The 50c/Euro 1.16 stamp shown the Triumph Speed Twin police motorcycle. This motorcycle launched in 1965, and particularly was built to be a police motorcycle.
This information has been collected by Malta Post from the motorcycle owners, Steve Worley, Joe Zammit and Philip Camilleri.
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