Thursday, 16 June 2011

Toys on Malta’s stamp

Whatever the explanations or definition, toys have evolved over the years from the traditional ball of cloth, primitive wooden sailing boats and push-carts constructed out of wooden soap boxes to the sophisticated and fully computerised marvels so beloved of children and adult today.
Malta Post has issued the delightful stamp to capture the spirit of bygone age on the year 1998. This explanation's of each stamp have related with the various toys which provided by Mr. Vincent Brown of the Toy Museum (the Pomskizillious Museum of Toys, Gozo Island)

The stamp shown a tin toy delivery van made in England by Chadvalley in 1930s. a tin toy motorcycle with driver on it, made in Germany in the 1950s by P.N (Niedermayer), and a tin toy clockwork racing car made in Japan during the same period by Alps.

The stamp with the PRAM in the background shown a pram made by Pedigree in the 1950s. and constructed out of chrome and rexine, a top drum from the same period and a bottom drum from the 1960s. both by Happy Nak, and a skipping rope, also by Happy Nak, made out of wood and tin. All these toys were manufactured by British company.

The Maritime Connections stamp shown a sailing boat made in England out of tin and canvas by Triang, a spade made out of wood and tin by ACME, another British company, and a Japanese tin cabin cruiser going back to the the 1960s. The sand pails on this stamp were also made in England by ACME.

This stamp shown Dolls (clockwise, from top left) are made in Italy by Lenci from composite materials, another doll made in England in the 1650s by Pedigree, also from composite materials, and a third doll made in France by Armand Marseille in the 1930s. This latter model has a bisque head and glass eyes.

The Rocking Horse stamp shown a rocking horse, tricycle and car, all made in England by Triang in the 1950s.
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