Wednesday, 8 June 2011


For children, camping is all about the tent which, on their scale, is a small house. They love coming to the campground to pound stakes and set up the poles: they transform themselves into builders. No sooner than the tent has been set up, they scramble inside and roll around like a dog that has found its bed.
And while camping, people come and go without asking any questions. One lives off the earth.
For adults, camping also brings much enjoyment. First, on the eating side: salads and grilled food. No headaches from having to plan meals. As for dishes, not too much to worry about either. Parents, less approachable during the rest of the year, are in a good mood while performing daily tasks… and they light the fire .

Motorcycling brings out strong emotions: pure fun, absolute freedom, a sense of identity, the adrenaline of the machine, the technology, the symbiosis with the environment. Notions such as expression of self, stress reduction, group therapy, and enduring vacation are paramount.
Motorcyclists come from all walks of life and all social classes. The majority is still male, but there are more and more women who are buying scooters or motorcycles.
Timo Wuerz is the artist currently lives in Hamburg who has created this series of postage stamps. The stamp have issued by Luxembourg Post on year 2010.
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