Saturday, 18 June 2011

Resorts in Paradise

Vanuatu Post issued the special stamp features their resorts to support the Vanuatu Tourism Office on August 27, 2008.
Vanuatu offers a unique South Pacific experience with its tourism industry now setting the standard for the whole Pacific as a must-see for visitors internationally. To meet demand, which has been greatly assisted by Air Vanuatu’s promotional efforts, the stunning resorts of Vanuatu and the Vanuatu Tourism Office have united to offer first class accommodation and service standards, second-to-none.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Toys on Malta’s stamp

Whatever the explanations or definition, toys have evolved over the years from the traditional ball of cloth, primitive wooden sailing boats and push-carts constructed out of wooden soap boxes to the sophisticated and fully computerised marvels so beloved of children and adult today.
Malta Post has issued the delightful stamp to capture the spirit of bygone age on the year 1998. This explanation's of each stamp have related with the various toys which provided by Mr. Vincent Brown of the Toy Museum (the Pomskizillious Museum of Toys, Gozo Island)

The stamp shown a tin toy delivery van made in England by Chadvalley in 1930s. a tin toy motorcycle with driver on it, made in Germany in the 1950s by P.N (Niedermayer), and a tin toy clockwork racing car made in Japan during the same period by Alps.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Weather Extremes in New Zealand

The United Nations has proclaimed year 2008 as the International Year of Planet Earth after keen the impact of climate change on the environment has become a critical concern for nation around the world.
New Zealand Post committed to support the exploring ways to minimise its impact on the environment. Therefore they issued a series of stamp as part of that commitment, highlighting New Zealand’s own weather extremes on March 2008. Each of the stamps in the issue focus on different elements of New Zealand’s weather extremes.
The 50c stamp shown Drought.
Drought can have a devastating impact on New Zealand’s economic wellbeing through its effect on the agricultural industry. The image on the first of 50c stamps is taken from 1997/1998 El Nino drought which was estimated to have resulted in an economic impact in the order of one billion dollars.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Greeting stamp from Vanuatu

Vanuatu Post extends seasonal greetings to all its customers and visitors to Vanuatu. White birds are synonymous with greetings and throughout Vanuatu a number of beautiful coastal birds allow Vanuatu Post to illustrate their greetings message in this striking stamp issue.

Identifiable by long white tail streamers and yellow/orange bill, the White-tailed Tropicbird Phaethon lepturus is around 40cm tall (excluding 35cm streamers) and carries black markings. Feeding on fish and squid and caught by diving from a great height, they tend to nest on rock ledges, tree hollows and atop coconut palms laying a solitary egg.
Tropicbirds are the most pelagic (sea going) of their order and have been identified and linked with Monument Rock in the Shepherd Group and in Malo (near Santo).

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


For children, camping is all about the tent which, on their scale, is a small house. They love coming to the campground to pound stakes and set up the poles: they transform themselves into builders. No sooner than the tent has been set up, they scramble inside and roll around like a dog that has found its bed.
And while camping, people come and go without asking any questions. One lives off the earth.
For adults, camping also brings much enjoyment. First, on the eating side: salads and grilled food. No headaches from having to plan meals. As for dishes, not too much to worry about either. Parents, less approachable during the rest of the year, are in a good mood while performing daily tasks… and they light the fire .

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Memories of World War II - 1944

Guernsey Post issued the second series of Memories of World War II stamp on May 12, 2004.The stamps issued features the milestones in the World War II and other events that had particular significance to Guernsey. The stamp set remind D-Day that proved to be decisive battle that began the retreat of the occupying forces in France.
The battles were fought over five beaches on the North Coast of Normandy, which were codenamed Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword. The Allied forces objective was to advance off the beaches and liberate villages along the coast in order to drive the German back. By the evening of the 6th, the Allied troops had prevailed all across the Normandy beachhead.
The 26p, 32p, 36p, 40p stamps were commemorate the 60 years event since the Normandy Landings.


The 26p stamp depicts one of many spitfires pounding the Nazi defenders.
Prior to the amphibious invasion, Allied air forces bombed the German defences and dropped paratroopers behind enemy lines who aided by the French resistance forces.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Memories of World War II - 1943

Guernsey Post to commemorate World War II, has issued the stamp series features it in two series. The first stamp series features the “Operation Channel” on 23 October 1943, HMS Charybdis and HMS Limbourne were torpedoed and sunk in the bay of St. Malo. The stamps were issued on January 30, 2003
The 22p, 27p, 36p and 40p stamps feature the legendary Dambusters Raid on the night of 16-17 May 1943, which became known as one of the most brilliant air attacks of the Second World War.

The 22p stamp shows crew walking to their aircraft prior to take-off.
Wing Commander Guy Gibson was given the challenge of picking the right crews and it was a tribute to their training, discipline and the brilliant scientist Dr. Barnes Wallis’ who invented the “bouncing bomb” that the operation was successful.