Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Tourism–San Marino 2004

In relating to the theme of Europa Stamp 2004, San Marino Post has issued two stamp with differ face value.The images chosen to represent this set of stamps were drawn by the master artist Ro Marcenaro and depict original and amusing means of transportation with equally eccentric names: Autoshipplane (€ 0,45) and Boatcampertrainbus (€ 0,80).
Travel is a little like life: it starts, builds up, then starts to run down and finally ends. But at the end of a voyage, the traveller has acquired experiences and sensations that have enriched him and that he will never forget.
The tourist travels, discovers other countries, other landscapes, new colours, new shapes, different ways of feeling and experiencing nature. Used to his own city, to familiar landscapes and sounds, the tourist adapts his gaze to other views, learns new words, admires the diversity of the world.
In doing this his appreciation for everything around him undoubtedly grows, with the awareness that it needs to be protected. Traveling becomes an opportunity for dialogue between civilizations and cultures and, in the long term, a precious aid to peace.
The barriers that isolated people and made them strangers to one another have gradually fallen.

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