Thursday, 19 May 2011

Gastronomy–San Marino 2005

Gastronomy as a topic for the Europe 2005 stamps suggested by the Europa Club.This subject is very interesting and the Republic of San Marino had already chosen to deal with it in 2003 with the sheet called “I Sapori della Nostra Terra” (Flavours from our Country), which presented various specialities ranging from starters to desserts.
These two stamps aim at presenting the products in their most genuine and truly gastronomic aspects: the € 0.62 stamp shows a basket full of differently shaped bread in front of a classical wood-burning oven, whereas the € 1.20 stamp is set in a classical cellar furnished with ancient containers and decorated barrels.
Now, the same authors, namely Franco Filanci and Paolo Candelari, have focused their attention on those elements that were then used all around the margins of the sheets: bread and wine, which, in reality, are the very foundation of Gastronomy, or at least of that of the Mediterranean area.
Bread and wine are simple elements, which have however been developed into a true art by folk and artisan creativity; they are elements that cannot be absent on a sumptuously laid table.
Bread appears in its innumerable varieties, ranging from loaves to sticks, from unleavened to olive oil bread, from Piadina Romagnola to fried dough and other special bread types with sesame seeds, walnuts, anise, olives, dried figs, as well as other simple and tasty ingredients.
Wine is sometimes the result of extremely complex processes that lead to the production of white, red and rosé wines having the most diversified nuances of colours, tastes and aromas, which are practically as numerous as the vineyards spread on the five continents.
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