Monday, 28 February 2011

Renewable Energy in Namibia


Namibia has issued the stamp series depicted the renewable energy effort of their country in one souvenir sheet. There are solar energy , biogas energy and wind energy.

A solar home system provides an individual household with a basic electricity service using the sun as a source of power.Solar powered -street lights are suitable solution for lighting in outdoor area.A solar cooker captures the Sun’s heat and uses it for cooking, boiling and baking.

The Biogas Digester produces combustible gas. For 93% of Namibia's rural households, wood is main source for cooking. A huge amount of wood is consuming yearly.Therefore a solar cooker is one of solution to reduce the consuming of wood yearly.

Namibia has installed about 30,000 wind-water pumps and used for commercial and communal farming. In particular photovoltaic technologies, telecommunication of Namibia have been used solar energy for several decades. Solar water-pumps are ideal due to high solar irradiation.

Every living organism uses energy to process raw materials and in doing so, often produces some form of waste.


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These stamps are wonderful.
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wonderful stamps !
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Russell Davison said...

I'm very impressed with attempts that Namibia is making in the field of renewable energy. The stamp design is well deserved.

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thanks for sharing such a knowledge full content with us, These stamps are wonderful.attempts that Namibia is making in the field of renewable energy are really amazing