Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Love sign on Slovenian stamp


A love inscription in a memory book is a rare exception. In the times when memory books were at the height of their popularity, love was not expressed in such a public fashion. To help a more discreet demonstration of your sympathies and more, the Slovenian Post issued the stamp on January 28, 2011.
Whether you declare your love silently or vocally, all of you who are in love with someone who can receive your message with the help of Slovenian Post have a great opportunity. The stamp will help send your kiss to the right person.
The stamp alone will convey the message to the person to whom you intend to reveal your secret love. Furthermore, the stamp is suitable for anyone who has been thinking for some time about stuffing into an envelope that half-written story or collection of love poems that you have been writing in secret for years, or a fluffy bunny, chocolate candies, a stone from your travels or a scarf scented with your favourite fragrance. The stamp will be a great excuse for sending something to that special someone.
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