Saturday, 5 February 2011

The Lighthouses of Poland - The first issued.

On May 29, 2006, the Polish Post has issued the Lighthouses stamp series in the first time and comprised of 4 stamps in one souvenir sheet.
A fire burning on the seaside had for ages helped sailors to safely find their way to the port. The oldest known lighthouse, one of the seven world wonders of the ancient world, was built around 280 BC on the Faros Island. The light range of the old, fire lighthouses was not large up to the 19th century, when gas light, and then electric light, was invented. Today, in the age of the GPS satellite navigation, lighthouses are slowly becoming only a romantic element of the seaside landscape.
The lighthouses of the Polish seaside constitute beautiful and interesting examples of ancient architecture and technology. Most are usually architectural monuments open for tourists but still serve seamen. Polish Post presents four of them in its new set of post stamps.
The lighthouse in Stilo, with a steel tower (height 33.5 m) on a granite base, was built a hundred years ago. In the 70s of the 20th century the gas light was replaced with electric reflector bulbs on a rotary table.
In Krynica Morska, the 19th-century lighthouse was destroyed during World War II. In 1951 a new one was built next to the ruins.
The next stamp presents the lighthouse in Gaski. It is almost 50 meters high and has been active since 1878. Humidity and salt have caused a lot of damage, so the antique structure requires particular conservation.
On the high cliff coast of Niechorze, there stands an exceptionally beautiful, octagonal, brick lighthouse on a square base. It was first activated in 1866 and later, after the war damages, in 1948.
On the first day of circulation there will be available two FDC envelopes cancelled with a commemorative stamp used in Post Office Krynica Morska.

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