Monday, 31 January 2011

Natural Resources. The Soil

On September 12, 2009 Argentine Post issued the stamps feature the nature resources for the human life.The issued set comprised of two stamps and the featured images can remind human to keep and improve their habitat so the human can live without disaster.
Representation of wetland soil
Erosion process by no conservation management: the impact of the rains, reduced infiltration, drained of excess, the formation of ruts and gullies (or trenches). Soil profile showing the layers that comprise it.Soil conservation practices or recovered through various technologies and appropriate handling, farming terraces, drainage hardcover, high vegetation, pastures for livestock and remnants of trees and shrubs.

Representation of semi-arid soil
Wind erosion process by reducing or removing vegetation caused by man: the wind carrying particles from the finest (clay and silt with organic matter) to the coarsest (sand), can form dunes, leaving exposed roots trees and shrubs and compromise infrastructure such as roads, fences or buildings. Soil profile showing the horizons or layers that comprise it. Soil conservation management resulting in higher beef production.

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