Monday, 10 January 2011

Easter 2006 of Slovakia - The Celebration of Spring

The customs and traditions followed in spring-inspired folklore were based on the magical attributes given to the symbols of the coming spring. These customs pervaded most deeply into Easter folklore and as such remain until this day a living tradition.

One of the main symbols of Easter and the coming spring is a type of whip made of young green spring twigs. Tradition stipulates that this symbolises hidden strength, youth, health, and vigour. All these attributes may purportedly be transferred to those at the receiving end of a light whipping. An egg as the seed of a new life became the representation of hope, birth, harvest, fertility, and the return of spring and sun. 

The colouring and decoration of eggs even increased their magical power. Spring flowers and plants were irreplaceable in the celebration of the end of winter and the stirring spring, both in the decoration of house interiors and in children’s spring games.
The meaning and the presentation of the postage stamp symbolises the traditional new life cycle, as well as the Easter holiday. The presence of children serves to underline both themes, as nowadays children are dominant in Easter lore.

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