Thursday, 23 December 2010

Mother’s Day

Estonia Post has issued the stamp which related to the celebration of Mother’s day on 20th of April 2005. The stamp features the moment of the flower given to mother by her child.
The idea of Mothers’ Day was born in 1907 in America where Ann Jarvis, a teacher, called on her friends and acquaintances to start marking a day dedicated to mothers.In Estonia the first Mothers’ Day meeting was held at the Uderna school in 1922.
Despite grand public ceremonies held on the occasion, Mothers’ Day was mainly seen as an intimate occasion of honouring mothers at home and their main places of activity. Special programme-books were published for the day and articles were printed to underline that there were reasons to regard Mothers’ Day as one of the biggest and warmest red-letter days of our nation.
Mothers’ Day was struck off the list of holidays under the Soviet occupation in 1940 and the beautiful tradition was only revived half a century later with the restoration of Estonian independence in 1991.
In Indonesia , Mother’s Day will be celebrated on the 22nd of December every year.

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