Sunday, 5 December 2010

Gastronomy of Estonia

Cookery is the art of cooking good, delicious, fine-tasting food. Estonia Post issued stamps depicted their art of gastronomy. The issuance of stamps to be related with given theme on year 2005 by the Europa stamps, Gastronomy. 


The first stamp (6.00) is based on the cornucopia which combined with all kinds of fruit rolling out of it is not just a symbol of plenty, prosperity and happiness, but also symbolizes divine generosity. Ancient associations between the horn and plenty derive from a classical story about infant Zeus who accidentally broke off the horn of a goat whose milk he was fed. He gave the horn to the nymph Amalthea, promising that its owner should always have in abundance everything desired. 

The other stamp (6.50) features a rainbow of common Estonian ingredients: red tomato, orange carrots, yellow egg yolk, green parsley, blue fish, lilac onion and purple beetroot, with a clear bright figure in each splash of rainbow colours. The beautiful combination of colours and gifts of nature produces an enjoyable result both in cookery and art.

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