Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Europa Water–A Natural Treasure


One of the fundamental natural elements on Earth is water that can be found almost everywhere. Water is the main constituent element of the Earth's surface, covering almost three-quarters of its surface, and it is also a constituent part of the atmosphere and part of the total weight of all living organisms. Water, together with oxygen, carbon, nitrogen and the solar energy represent the basis of life.

Water, the irreplaceable partner of the contemporary man, tamed, directed, plentiful and in quantities that indicate civilizational and cultural needs, is mercilessly exploited and even more polluted.

The European action plan, uniting the plan "Health and environment" of individual European countries, brought up the demand to treat water as a precious and public resource, and asked for permanent care concerning the hygienically correct water supply, as well as proper disposal of waste.

Therefore Europa stamp chosen theme of water as a natural treasure for year 2001. The stamps have been issued by Croatia Post Office in se-tenant, in a 20-stamp sheet, and the First Day Cover (FDC) .


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