Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Wave Energy on Faroe Islands stamps

The West Nordic cooperation between Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands in relation with the 10th of anniversary 2007 jointly issued a stamp series with the theme environmentally friendly energy to mark the occasion. The Faroese stamp illustrates wave energy, the Greenland hydropower and the Icelandic stamp illustrates geothermal energy.

Wave energy is a alternative solution the human change dependency to the fossil energy sources (oil, gas, coal, timber or similar).On the Faroe Islands, 90% of the energy requirement is provided by heating oil and petrol. 35-40% of the total electricity requirement is obtained from hydro and wind sustainable energy sources.

The environment around Faroe Island, dwindling energy sources and the associated problems these represent are today a topic of great urgency. In response to this, the two companies SEV and Wavegen have established the energy company SeWave, which will develop a wave energy plant on the Faroe Islands. The plant will produce clean energy , inexhaustible energy.The system uses a tunnel which is excavated from the shore, under the cliffs, out towards the sea. A two-way butterfly turbine is installed in the hole. Finally, the hole is blasted open at a depth of 3.5 m below sea level. Wave action forces air up into the turbine and draws the air out again, the turbine producing electricity in both air flow directions.If the pilot project successfully manages to produce electricity at reasonable cost, this will impact to a large number of plants around Europe. Plants, which after the construction stage is completed, will be invisible and silent.
The Faroe Islands has one of the highest energy wave environments in the world. Surveys have been carried out at two sites, one at Søltuvík on Sandoy and the other at Nípan on Vágar. Environmental surveys have also been carried to assess the impact on the area, noise levels, bird life and the impact of the construction work itself.


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