Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Hoyvik of Faroe islands on SEPAC 2007

Post of Foroyar issued one stamp depicted Hoyvik, beautiful place of Faroe Islands as part of SEPAC 2007 stamps series.


The environment in Hoyvík is very beautiful and magnificent both on fine summer days, as shown on the stamp, but also in the winter with storms from the east, where waves spray high across Hoyvíkshólmur.

Hoyvíkshólmur can also be seen on the stamp where a lighthouse was built in 1939. During the last world war, The Faroe Islands was occupied by Great Britain in the years 1940-45. This lighthouse, as for all other lighthouses on The Faroe Islands, was not used in this period.The old farm with grass roof, which was built before 1813, can be seen to the right on the stamp and is now used as museum and contains all utensils and tools a farm on The Faroe Islands had 200 years ago.The red buildings with green roofs, an agricultural research station, which can be seen on the stamp, were built at this time.
The current government of The Faroe Islands a few years ago decided that a Lagmand house would be built in Hoyvík.

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